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At Marathwada Auto Compo, we manufacture auto components required at large scale. Our expertise lies in fast development of component and its manufacturing line as per the customer’s specifications and requirements.

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MACPL manufactures auto components of complex design which are critical for manufacturing. The components carry high safety parameters. To cater to such demanding requirements, MACPL always strived to strengthen its processes through latest manufacturing systems, up-to-date technical knowledge and skills.

The bending operation is carried out with sophisticated CNC cold tube bending machine and robotic hot bending, both having capacities of more than 2000 parts a day. This operation requires knowledge in metallurgy and robust equipment. ...Read More


Our team of expert and skilled welders keep the quality and process parameters intact to make the component safe and reliable. ...Read More


The furnace plays a key role in getting the precise microstructure of the component.We design and develop our own furnaces to ensure the consistent quality of heat treatment. Strictly controlled process parameters ensure the desired stress relieved and normalised component. ...Read More


Another critical process where MACPL has developed it’s strength is Aluminium Gravity Die Casting. MACPL has developed expertise in making of aluminium alloy in-house to save substantially in material cost. The ability to exercise strict process parameters ensures the casting with zero blow holes. ...Read More


Process Videos

Not only are our processes perfected with engineering finesse, they are a visual treat for someone with a penchant for technology. The automation, accuracy and scale of the processes are captured in some of the videos below.

Tube Bending


Plasma Cutting


Heat Treatment




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