Durable & Critical



Tube Bending

Tube bending is a cluster of various sub-processes. It has a multiple machine setup such as induction heating machines and hydraulic presses. Both, cold bending and hot bending are carried out with efficiency. Robotic arms help in achieving automation and high productivity. Homing, resistance heating, first and second bend ….. the robot does everything from picking up the raw tube to placing the bent part in the tray. The cell has the capacity to process 7,80,00 parts per year.



Welding at MACPL is characterised with method, accuracy and safety. The expansive process of heavy fabrication requires the welding to be done in two parts – tack welding and full welding. Child parts are attached with the main component by tack welding. This simplifies the job of the operator at full welding stage. OHC makes the material movement easy and swift. The welding training centre keeps this process with the times. The operators are periodically trained and equipped with the latest techniques.

Welding Training Centre

A Welding Training Centre keeps this process with the times. The operators are periodically trained and equipped with the latest techniques to sharpen their skills.


Heat Treatment

Each process plays the role in the durability and quality of the component. We understand each ones importance and place them in a logical sequence. Heat treatment comes after welding to relieve stresses and make the component of optimum strength. MACPL designs and manufactures its own furnaces. This helps MACPL in prompt monitoring and correction of small changes in the process parameters. These furnaces are not only enhancing the quality, but also contribute in substantial cost savings.



MACPL has almost 20 years of experience in gravity die casting process. The company has built capability to process wide range of component dimensions. With an in-depth knowledge of material properties and process characteristics, the company is developing indigenous casting technology. This enables us to offer cost saving proposals to our customer.



For last 10 years, MACPL has invested quite a time and resources in adapting to various manufacturing management systems. MACPL manages its shop floor and production equipment by using Total Productive Maintenance techniques. Consistent efforts to follow such techniques have given many benefits to the company on Product, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Moral (PQCDSM) parameters.



The company’s team has professionals with varied expertise to manage technicalities, administration and commercials. With such a team, the company is catering to 14 OEMs for various products, from steering system assemblies to suspension assemblies to critically fabricated components for earth moving equipment.